A Small Island Pier

A small pier off Pangkor Island, Malaysia


95 thoughts on “A Small Island Pier

  1. wow πŸ™‚ we only have brighton pier that is a pier near me. but i think that this pier looks ace, almost like a dream πŸ™‚
    keep capturing these beauty shots!

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  3. Pingback: lesannace

    • Thanks, and I’m glad you loved your stay in this country. Perhaps if you happen to come Penang island one day, I can show you around.

      • Lol, it was Penang I visited, but like two years ago! I love Penang Laksa and the ginger flower (the pink leaves) that go on top. That pier kinda reminded me of something I saw near Langkawi?

      • Haha, that’s nice, yes it resembles Langkawi but this is Pangkor, another smaller island lying across the southern sea of Penang.

  4. i like your pics very much, so i twitterd it. i like more people to see the beatiful scenery from you !

  5. i know a magician doesnt reveal his tricks, but i love your photos and i was wondering if you would tell me the program you are using to edit with? you are achieving this look i am trying to get and i cant figure out how. its the muted look.. do you know what i mean? how do you get that? i know that it just cant be turning down saturdation. regardless of whether or not you give me any editing tips, i love your simplistic style of shooting with slightly over-the-top editing. keep it up.

    • Hi there, I’m using Photoshop, what I’m doing it’s mostly play with the curves tool until I get the effect that i want.
      Another method I’m using is via layer blending options, again adjust the blending mode that I see fit. Just paint a new color on a new layer and set the blending option that you want. πŸ™‚

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